TWICE’s Jihyo and singer Kang Daniel end their relationship

A couple of two famous Korean idols have decided to end their relationship.

Kang Daniel is a Korean solo singer and Jihyo is leader of famous girls group, TWICE. They met in 2018 with the introduction of a mutual friend and started their romantic relationship. The media reported their relationship in August 2019, and both sides admitted dating. The relationship between the two idols, very popular both inside and outside Korea, attracted a lot of attention.

However, recently, there was a rumor that Kang Daniel and Jihyo will soon break up. On November 10th, JYP Entertainment, Jihyo’s agency, admitted that they have confirmed with Jihyo herself that they have recently broke up. The relationship had lasted one year and three months after the public announcement.

It is said that the cause is that both are busy and they had very few chances to meet each other.

Kang Daniel’s agency, KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT, also announced that he had broken up with Jihyo.

TWICE has just released a new album “Eyes Wide Open”, and Kang Daniel is currently working on his own new album. They have decided to walk in different paths, but we should be able to see their active works in each field.